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Company Name Holymine Ltd.
President Hideyoshi Horimai
Profile Masters degree at Toyohashi University of Technology on 1984
1984-1996 Employed at Sony Corporation and pursuit on optical disc field such as developing on MiniDisk storage device and applied for over 200 patients. He sabbatical for all over the world from 1997 to 1999 after he withdraw from Sony Corporation, he decided to create the venture business. On 1999, Optware Corporation had found and inducted as President of Optware Corporation.
Hideyoshi had worked on Ultra High Speed Bulk Storage Optical Disc, HVD using his original patient technology of Collinear Holography, then on 2007, he fulfilled Worldwide Standardization at ECMA.
On 2005, he found Holymine Limited, and now prosecuting for research and development for Three Dimensional Display.
He had worked for 2002-2004 Cabinet Office Comprehensive Technology Conventional Specialist during 2002-2004, and from 2006, he is working as a visiting professor at Toyohashi University of Technology
Also from 2009, he is working as a part-time teacher at Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Date of Foundation February,28,2005
Our Business Electronics development, 3D-related practical development, acquisition of intellectual property management

Toyohashi University of Technology, Regel, AiSonic, Kyoeisha Chemical, Fuji Film, TDK, and others

Related Cooperation Partners Nagoya Institute of Technology Umezaki Lab, μ-Skynet, Hokkaido University, and others.

Suruga Bank Oote Machi Branch, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Numazu Branch

Headquarter 1-6-48-709 Tumadahigashi, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan 243-0813
TEL/FAX +1-55-929-7771
E-mail info@holymine3d.com
Business Office 2032-2-301 Ooka, Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan, 410-0022
TEL/FAX +1-55-929-7771
E-mail info@holymine3d.com